The Top 3 Real Estate Investor ‘Loan Shopping’ Mistakes to Avoid

Real Estate Investment loans are without a question the secret sauce to almost all successful investors. You too could take advantage of them to build your real estate empire. But there are a few traps you must avoid.

For starters, don’t just go out there and borrow money for the sake of borrowing it. Sure, getting a loan goes a long way in greasing the whole process of investing in real estate, but you must have a strategy.

So rule # 1 – you must be clear on what you want to do with the property before you even put it under contract. Otherwise you risk making high monthly mortgage payments with sky high interest with no end in sight.

Now, choosing your exit strategy is just the first step. The second deadly trap you want to avoid with real estate investment loans is picking the wrong investing strategy in itself.

You don’t want to get a loan for investing in a property hoping you will be able to fix it up and then rent it before you can secure a conventional loan pre-approval letter from your bank.

In other words, getting a real estate investment loan for a “buy and hold” exit strategy is misguided if you’re not certain you will be able to get a 30 year mortgage loan from the bank. You risk getting stuck with a high interest loan or even worse getting the property foreclosed on.

The last deadly trap you want to avoid is merely shopping around for a real estate investment loan based on interest rates alone.

This might be the conventional way to shop for your house mortgage, but when it comes to an investment property loan, you also want to make sure you get a loan that is ‘investor friendly.’ By that I mean you want the terms to be flexible.

For example, you can ask your Broker if they lend with zero down payment on investment properties. Most don’t but some do, so make it a point that you ask. Check also to see if they can lend with no monthly payments while you fix up the property. This will go a long way in making your investment effort profitable.

So there you have it, the top 3 mistakes to look out for when shopping for a real estate investment loan. Make it a point to plan your exit strategy and make it a point to shop around for terms in addition to favourable interest rates on your real estate investment loan.

Do You Hate Cold Calling Prospects? The Secret Method That Will Give You Better Business Results

If you have been involved in a network marketing business before or are currently in one I’m sure you have done cold calling to your prospects. This is one of the oldest techniques in network marketing and it was very effective in the past for those people who have thick skin and could handle rejection. To be honest with you this technique has become very ineffective and very annoying as well. There’s actually a better way of promoting your business in order to get better results that does not require you to call random people who will probably just hang up on you.

The alternative secret method that you can utilize to promote your business is a promotional method known as article marketing. This is a method done on the Internet and what it requires you to do is simply write articles based on keywords that people search on a regular basis. Since you will be writing the articles you’re going to be writing about what your business has to offer and this is going to allow you to get that article in front of people who are really interested.

If they want to sign up all they have to do is click your link and get started. If they don’t want to sign up they simply go away from your website and do not reject you face-to-face or on the phone. This is the best thing about marketing on the Internet and using the specific method known as article marketing.

Since you are not used to the online world and how things work is going to take some time for you to understand and learn all you need to learn in order to make it work properly. But if you’re willing to do what it takes you will be able to see results eventually that will blow your mind and test your imagination.

Blogging for Better Business

Many small business owners feel that they are too busy running their business to waste time on something like a blog. If this is you, you’re missing out on a powerful lead generation tool. In this age of social media, your customers are looking for someone they can relate to, trust, and feel is listening to their needs. A simple blog can do all of this.

The concept of blogging is often misunderstood by the entrepreneur. Many believe blog posts are only the rantings of uneducated kids with too nothing better to do. The fact is that the most consistent and sought-out bloggers are actually educated writers who are sharing their expertise on a particular subject. Your customers are actively seeking this information! They might as well get it from you. A blog about your business offers two-way communication with both your current and prospective customers that is more valuable than any form of advertising.

Keep Current and Save a Tree

Why print fliers when you can post on your website? Your business blog is perfect place to keep your clients and staff up-to-date on special events, sales, changes in business hours, holiday closures, and new products or services. Mention a member of your office staff who accomplished something major, announce your clients’ kids graduations, thank a colleague, or congratulate a local hero. Post pictures of you and your staff volunteering at a local charity or event. Have fun and get involved with your community, then post about it. The free press will lead new readers right to your blog and right through your door.

Be Relatable

Do you prefer doing business with a faceless entity or someone you know? Of course you’d rather deal with a human being. The same is true for your customers. They are more interested in you as a person than they are in how well you can sell yourself. Your business blog allows others to get to know you on both a personal and professional level. This means that you can build relationships, and relationships mean loyalty. Repeat business is the lifeblood of a small business. Need an example? Check out the Whole Foods Market blog. Their blog is both friendly and professional, while offering valuable information.

Be Credible

Business blogs establish the writers as experts in their field. As a subject matter expert (SME), you may use your blog to offer brief articles about your industry. This builds your business’s credibility in the eyes of your current and potential customers.

Afraid that you have nothing to write about? You already have more than you may realize. Consider an average day at work and the questions you answer or the advice that you give your customers. This is where you would begin blogging – with what you know and what your average customer doesn’t. A great example is the website Poway Guitar Lessons. The teacher who advertises on this site also answers student questions through his instructional articles.

Where does it hurt? How can you help? Answer specific questions on your blog and show that you are the SME your readers are looking for.

Be Open

People naturally have questions, and you may find that these questions lead to great blogging. When you are open to delving into these subjects, your blog will attract potential clients who may never have found you otherwise. For instance, are you a chiropractor who has been asked many questions about acupuncture or nutrition? These may not be your area of expertise, but you know quite a bit about them because they relate to what you do. Invite a colleague who is a SME on that subject to be a guest blogger. Offer to reciprocate on their blog. Supporting related businesses will only help you and your clients.

It Doesn’t Take Much

You truly don’t have to write a dissertation every time you post on your business blog. A photo, a couple of sentences, a link to a relevant article, or a video would each suffice as a blog post that would engage your audience. You don’t even have to blog every day. Do visit your comments section at least once or twice a week to engage in conversations or answer questions. If you want longer articles but don’t fancy yourself a writer, consider hiring a copywriter who can run with your ideas. All in all, you can double (at minimum) your business’s exposure with just a few minutes a day.